Dart Organization of Northern Kentucky

Captains: Every team has 8 scoresheets in the packets that you received at the GMM. You are more than welcome to send in both scoresheets, however, you will run out.  Please see the website to print off additional copies. As a reminder, home team provides the score sheets, winning team sends the email and mails them in.

Also, please make sure to send in your final roster as soon as possible.

We also have a new email address: DONKYBOARD@Gmail.com 




Captains, remember, you are responsible for your side of the sheet.  The winning Captain is also responsible for emailing the scores and mailing in the score sheet. Check the scores of your team, by signing the sheets, you are agreeing to what the scores are. Don't forget to check your plaque shots also.

Have a great season, have fun and remember SPORTSMANSHIP.